The Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

Lifting to me, is just magical. I personally love lifting more than cardio. You should always fit weights into your workouts because there are so many benefits of weight lifting for women. Plus, who doesn’t want faster, better results from a workout?

weight lifting for women

Weight lifting for women

No, it is not just for men. No, you will not get super big, bulky, and muscular (this takes a lot of effort, the only way you can achieve this is if you want it and work hard for it).

Two light blue weights

Why you will ♥ lifting…

  1. Lifting weights helps you manage stress. Exercise in general helps with this, though regular lifting is more beneficial for this.
  2. Strength training can improve cognitive function.
  3. It is more effective at burning calories than cardio.
  4. Your body will burn fat both during and after strength training.
  5. Weight training helps strengthen bone mass (As you age, you are at risk of a loss of bone mass, especially postmenopausal women).
  6. The more muscle you build, the easier it will be for your body to use calories more efficiently.
  7. Reduces your risk of heart disease.
  8. If you have always wanted an hourglass figure, lifting will let you achieve some sexy curves!
  9. Another perk is that it will make you look younger because your body will be toned up.
  10. You get an increase in energy after weight training.
  11. Furthermore, you will have a better night’s sleep.
  12. Strength training can actually make you more flexible by completing the full motion of the exercise.
  13. By strengthening your core muscles, you will have better posture.
  14. You will also become a better runner by having more strength to maintain a nice form.
  15. Lifting can reverse the decline in your metabolism as you age!
  16. If you target your back muscles, you can reduce back pain.
  17. Weight training can make you feel happier and help you fight depression by releasing endorphins.