Thicker, longer, natural lashes

Image with text "Thicker, Longer, Natural Lashes" with a bottle of Heritage Store castor oil next to a tube of clear mascara

Recently I noticed how much better my eyelashes have been looking lately. They’re longer, thicker, darker, and I just have more of them. They form cute little clumps together, that effect you get with mascara or falsies. I wanted to do a post on what I did to get them this way.

Gelatin Pills


I want this to be the first and most important thing. This is what really madeĀ the biggest difference for me, and it took about 3 weeks to notice. I started taking these Solgar gelatin capsules. Three capsules has 1,680 mg of gelatin in them and the directions say to take three a day. Gelatin is not only good for your eyelashes, it’s good for your hair, skin, and finger nails.

Castor Oil

This one is also important and makes a difference. I apply castor oil on my eyelashes before I go to bed. If you want thicker eyebrows as well, apply it there, too. I found mine at Whole Foods, but you can also find them on amazon. The brand I use is Heritage Store. Make sure it’s cold pressed and of good quality. I use my (clean) fingers to put it on, making sure to avoid my eyeballs. It also works to get an empty mascara tube and use that, or one use mascara brushes. This bottle will last you forever because a little goes a very long way.

Coconut Oil


Applying coconut oil to your lashes will help keep them moisturized and less likely to fall out. This leaves you with more eyelashes. It’s also said that coconut oil stimulates hair growth. Don’t even worry about getting coconut oil in your eyes, because it won’t harm them! If I can’t find virgin coconut oil at the store, I buy the Nutiva brand coconut oil on amazon.

Clear Mascara

If I don’t feel like wearing mascara in the day time (because I hate the process of getting it off, sometimes I’m too lazy!) I’ll use clear mascara. This makes my eyelashes look thicker without any other products and keeps them in place. I think it moisturizes too. Admittedly, sometimes I get some dust in my lashes and that isn’t a nice look. I love clear mascara. You can brag about how natural your lashes are! I don’t mind much about the quality of my clear mascara, so I just use a random, cheap drug store brand. In a pinch, Vaseline will do the job.

Stop Using Curlers

I stopped using eyelash curlers because it risks ripping your eyelashes out, and we want to keep those babies. If you must use them, it’s best to use themĀ before applying mascara rather than after. If you use it after, your coated lashes stick to the curler and get ripped out. I like the natural look of uncurled lashes. Besides, even when I did use curlers, they never stayed curled all day anyway. And if you’re wearing mascara, your eyelashes are going to look longer from a side view if they aren’t curled.

My last tip is, start embracing your natural lashes! I believe sometimes mascara is not even worth wearing if you want to achieve a nice, natural look. And isn’t it a pain when your mascara runs on humid days? Not worth it. Sometimes, go for the natural, hippy, earth goddess, I-woke-up-like-this, look. Go brag about your natural beauty!