Solutions for weird, ugly hair texture

Since growing older, my hair has changed into the worst kind of texture ever. If I air dry, it has ugly, uneven waves. And if I dry it with a hair dryer, it turns into a frizzy mess. This has led me to come up with multiple solutions to my hair texture problem, which I am going to share with you! Try it all out to see which solution works best for your hair.


When I go to sleep at night, I put my hair into one, messy side fishtail braid. I like the wavy, mermaid texture it gives me without having to use heat on my hair. You may experiment with different types of braiding and multiple braids.

Hair Rollers

hairclipshairrollersTo help my hair to have a pretty curl, I put these flexible rollers that I found on amazon a long time ago. Cheap and work like a charm. I use them on my hair when it is still (slightly) damp. You can also leave them in overnight, but I find them too hard to sleep on. Although there are softer ones out there!

Texture Spray or Mousse


I love sea salt spray because not only does it give a nice texture, it gives my hair volume. Right now I’m using Not Your Mother’s. It gives you that nice texture you only manage to get at the beach! A little bit goes a long way, so do not put too much in. One spray on each section is definitely enough! You can also use mousse if that works better for you after the shower and before you put your hair in curlers or braids (or heat style if that is your thing).

Wide-toothed Comb

I usually need to use a wide tooth comb whenever I achieve a good texture in my hair, because more bristles make my hair look frizzier when I run it through and it ruins the curls or waves I have. Well, sometimes… my hair is temperamental…

Using Heat


This is my last resort, because I don’t like using heat on my hair anymore (once I stopped, my hair improved tons) but if all else fails, use a hair curler or a blow dryer! Make sure to use some kind of product for heat protection. I use CHI because it’s a good go-to brand.