Review: Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Toner

*This is not a sponsored post. I bought this with the intention to use it for my skincare regime.

So last week, I ran out of my old toner, which I had been using for a year or so. It was the Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner. I loved this toner and all of its natural ingredients! It’s extremely popular, as well. However, I wanted to switch back to a Korean brand for my toning step, and I’m so happy that I did. I decided to try to find something that was specifically anti-aging. I searched on Amazon for “collagen toner“, and looked for something that was from a Korean brand and with good reviews. I ended up finding Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Toner!



The packaging is extremely good quality. It does not feel cheap, despite the fact that this is almost drug store priced. The box is matte with shiny floral details and silver lettering. It came tucked in an extra layer of cardboard inside. The bottle itself is actually made of glass. The metallic purple top is made out of plastic.

Ingredients and Directions


Here is a photo of the back of the box with the directions and ingredients. You are supposed to use a cotton pad or ball and gently wipe over your face after you have cleansed. Though the first ingredient is water, the second is collagen! It also states that the collagen ingredient is 54% of the solution. I think that is impressive. Though the rest of the ingredients sound confusing, Mizon states on their website that they “promise to research and develop only the most gentle, non-irritating skincare products for its customers”.

First Impression


As you can see, unlike other toners, this one is kind of thick. You can see the tiny bubbles inside. This does not stop it from sinking right into your skin. I was extremely happy the moment I first put it on my face. It softened my skin up so much. It also really toned my skin up fast. I had a slight scab on face from a pimple I had and this got rid of it in two days. I already saw an immediate improvement in my face, and I can’t wait to see how much more it improves a month or two later.


would recommend this toner to anyone. I am going to continue using it and I’m happy to add it to my skincare routine. It isn’t often that a skincare product gives you immediate results to let you know that it is doing a good job.

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Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Toner