The Lowest Maintenance Hair

Thank God low maintenance hair is the trendiest thing right now. I think my hair looks the best as blonde, however, I hate the damage and upkeep that comes with that. This trend is a solution to all of my problems. I love being able to forget about my hair and just let it grow. And healthily, too! The lowest maintenance hair is also the easiest to achieve, and this is how.

Grown Out Roots, The Lowest Maintenance Hair Trend Ever

This is the best part in my opinion. Grown out roots are a thing now. People aren’t obsessively going to the salon every time they need a touch-up anymore. Even wigs with this style are becoming popular. I love it. I’m living for it! Not only are you saving money, you can have any hair color you want in combination with your natural hair color. It’s less damage than covering your whole head and you can leave those roots untouched so they look super healthy. This look ranges from very blended in to a very visible cut off of color. And the contrast between shades ranges from high to low. If you have naturally black or very dark hair, you’re in luck in my opinion, because any color goes with black.

Blonde hair with visible roots, lowest maintenance hair

Natural Texture

Embracing your natural hair texture has also been in style. As an added bonus, the grown out hair trend works with any hair texture, whether your hair is super curly, kinky, or extremely straight. I love my braided, lazily textured hair. I’ve written about how to boost your natural texture in another post, as well (here).


lowest maintenance hair, blonde with coffee

Hair cuts?

Obviously if you want to keep a certain length, getting regular hair cuts is necessary. If you want to grow your hair out or if you just don’t care what length your hair is, I think it is only necessary to get cuts if you feel you have too many split ends or if there is too much damage to your hair. Another way to save money, yay!