Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku)

As soon as I heard about forest bathing, I knew I would be interested. Forest bathing is taking therapeutic walk through a forest for the health benefits. I immediately understood this because it is obvious how much better walking through a forest can make you feel.

The best part about this is that it really works! Forest bathing is backed by research. Studies have shown plenty of health benefits.

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Increases energy level
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mood
  • All of these things help with anxiety and depression
  • Increases rate of recovery from illnesses
  • Reduces your blood pressure
  • Boosts your immune system

And those are just the scientifically proven benefits. I believe the rest is up to you! Do you feel mental clarity as you’re walking through the woods? Do you feel a sense of connection with nature?

shinrin-yoku definition

Forest bathing is simple. Peacefully walk through the woods for 20 minutes or longer. Take in the sights, smells, and be mindful. There is no need to count your steps, check your phone, or use it for the purpose of exercise. Be calm, and be soothed.