Free Hand Drawn Deer Terrarium Coloring Page

Hi guys! Doodling is a fun thing for me to do (and kind of relaxing) so I wanted to start making some free hand drawn coloring pages available for download.

A coloring page of a terrarium with a tiny deer inside

I love terrariums, so this one features a bottle terrarium with some succulents and a tiny deer inside. I sketched and hand drew this with my Wacom tablet on Photoshop. The file is printable on 8.5″ x 11″ paper or larger.

A coloring page of a terrariuam slightly colored in with watecolor

I printed it out on thick paper and used watercolor. Watercolor is easy since it still looks nice, even if you’re messy or go outside of the lines! Colored pencils should work beautifully, as well. (Love my metallic colored pencils)